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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

LipoLab PPC Fat Melting Solution

LipoLab PPC Fat Melting Solution

• High purity PPC (German origin: purity 99.8%)
• Sodium Deoxycholate (Japanese origin : purity 98%)
• Particles of 50~70 nanomicrons, a size smaller than a cell
• Special Sterile Technology (odorless, non-pigmental, sterile technology)
• No need of anesthesia
• More efficacious and easier treatment

By adopting German origin raw material with the highest purity, Lipo Lab guarantees its safety & efficacy and enables clinics/hospitals to carry out more efficient and swift body-care programs. Lipo Lab has been designed and developed to stand a gamma-sterilized aseptic process under the pressure of 1000 bars or higher, which eradicates the problem of storing it in the refrigerator and the risk of probable infection, but makes it possible to keep it under normal temperatures.

PPC(PhosphatidylCholine) injection, spotlighted as the latest solution to obesity, is being called ‘the 2nd Botox’.
No single case of side-effects has been reported in the clinical trial over 10,581 patients implemented in the UK and has been made even more renowned since celebrities like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey took this PPC treatment and it ended up with a success. It has now become very popular in over 60 countries.

Characteristics of Lipo PPC Solution
1. No need of anesthesia as it barely generates pain
2. More efficacious and easier treatment than liposuction surgery
3. Unlike existing methods such as mesotherapy which only reduces the size of fat cells, Lipo Lab PPC dissolves, destroys fat cells and exhausts them out of body through sweat, urine and internal combustion, which does not incur the so called ‘yo-yo’ phenomenon.
4. Cheaper costs than existing liposuction surgery
5. Effective for removing cellulites and enhances skin elasticity
6. Such a simple treatment that barely bothers everyday life
7. Solves the obesity of specific parts where exercises cannot do
8. Gamma-irradiated Lipo Lab Solution secures safe treatment and raw material of 99.8% purity from Germany maximizes the efficacy of lipolysis.

Major parts of injections
1. Double chin : Facial layer of fat which makes thick neck and double chin
2. Armpit, forearms : Armpit lines of the front part of arms, forearms around the triceps
3. Back : Brassiere line which gets a style of dressing disheveled
4. Abdominal region, ribs (love handle) : Abdominal region and weighty ribs on both sides, love handle on the rear side
5. Hip : Line under a hip which is connected to thighs
6. Thighs : External or internal lines which jiggle due to excessive fatty layers 

Not Suitable For :
- Breast feeder.
- Allergy to peas & beans
- Pregnant woman
- Patients with heart disease
- Patients of diabetes
- Patients of cancer
- Patients of stroke & arteriosclerosis

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