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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lipodistrofk Fat Melting & Burning Solution

Lipodistrofk Fat Melting & Burning Solution

- Mesotherapy product for the treatment of lipodistrophy, or cellulites, an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue characterized by physical changes in the external appearance of the skin, observed especially in women. 
- Every single component of lipodristrokfk works simultaneously with the rest, draining and metabolizing all of the lipid substances present in the dermic substratum. 
- Unlike other mesotherapy treatment, it not only works on lymphatic drainage but also provides the skin with nutritious components (elastin, and hyaluronates) in order to restore, regenerate and strengthen tissues.

• Anti-cellulite fat burner
• Body Firming
• Increase metabolism
• Reduce appetite
• Feel full, not starving
• Reduce snacking feeling.
• Fat belly burner
• Weight loss
• Draining and metabolizing all of the lipid substances present in the dermic substratum
• Utilization of energy - Fatty acids are transported more into the cells for burning.
Energy yield and you can lose more weight by exercising.
• Balanced Cholesterol level - Because the fatty acids are being used up for burning
• Healthy Heart - Because the cholesterol level is in controlled, so the risk at which
arteriosclerosis will be minimized. If a person who has exposed to arteriosclerosis and aged, he will definitely facing the risk of heart attack because the heart is using a lot of energy to pump blood through narrow vessels.

Packing : 10 ampoules 5ml of enzymes and oligoelements

Ingredients :
* Phosphatidycholine 250mg
* Levo carnitine 500mg
* Triactical 100mg

Injection method:
* 1-2 ampoules IV per injection every 2 days for the management of weight control
* 1-2 ampoules per subcutaneous for the management of fats under the skin

Not suitable for:
* Breast feeder
* Patient with cardiovascular problem
* Allergy to ingredients as stated above 

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Glutax 5gs Cellular Ultra Whitening Capsules

Glutax 5gs Cellular Ultra Whitening Capsules

Glutax version has been upgraded by adding more vitamin that helps to beautify our skin. This is an improved version of a Glutax Vitamin Capsules whereas lots of vitamins has been added to the product for the purpose of making your skin healthy and pretty.

Ingredients :
- Glutathione 5000mg
- Ascorbic Acid 2000mg
- Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg
- Collagen Extract 400mg
- Vitamin E 300mg
- Vitamin B3 250mg
- Vitamin B5 100mg

Benefits :
This amazing antioxidant has many endless benefits including :
  • Increased energy
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Greater mental functions, such as improved memory, focus and concentration
  • Decreased recovery time after workouts (or surgery)
  • Improved athletic perfomance
  • Intense detoxification (including heavy metal detoxification)
  • Strong protector from degenerative diseases, such as diabetes
  • Rapid skin whitening (by reducing the melanin formation)
  • Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimple
  • Minimizes facial pores and improves skin complexion
  • Glutathione is safe for everyone of any age
For most people, the first 3 months use of glutathione is crucial for it is the time where glutathione is building its foundation (chemistry re-alignment) and once built this is only the start for its whitening process.
The lightening of skin is gradual (speed is depending on your metabolism and body chemical functioning) this is where you will notice that your skin is shinier and healthier than before. After this process, you will notice that your shade will become progressively lighter.

Recommended Dosage :
2 capsules a day. 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule night.

Packing : 60 capsules.

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