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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Placenta Lucchini Platinum

Placenta Lucchini Platinum

The Sovereigns’ Indulgence : The Noble and the Famous
Biological aging is inevitable after the age of 30. This is only natural and no one can escape from the process. Throughout history, it has been mankind’s relentless pursuit to prolong youth and preserve beauty. There are many theories on the aging process. Fundamentally it is simply due to the internal as well as external harmful elements that cause damage to our body cells at a rate that is faster that the cells’ ability to recover from such damage and harm.

There is a lavish selection of anti-aging products on the market these recent years; and the most outstanding and established one would have to be Placenta related Therapy.

Placenta Therapy, with its long known name as “fountain of youth” was much sought after by the noble worldwide.

It is also the secret recipe among the rich and famous, politicians and financially able people to maintain their youthful bloom and improve their quality of life.

Hong Kong’s [The Eastern Daily] reported, previous Prime Minister of the Great Britain, Lady Margaret Thatcher, would take time out of her busy schedule to take a trip to Switzerland for Placenta Injection on a yearly basis. Rock Star Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Hong Kong movie stars such as Alan Tam, Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung and media tycoon Shaw Run Run are among the ardent fans of Placenta Treatment.

[Voice Village], United States’ largest daily, published an article on Placenta themed “Beauty is no longer a dream”.
The media Giant, [Newsweek], gave a detailed report titled “ The Miracle of Placenta” describing the wonders of Placenta Therapy namely its efficacy of anti-aging, whitening, reduction of pigmentation, restoration of hormonal balance, delaying the onset of menopause and more.

Packing :
30 x 5ml.
Dosage and Administration : 1 injection per ampoule every week.

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