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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lefcar 5 Slimming

Lefcar 5

Is a fact that fats congregate in areas of our body increases through time. Glucose, fats and carbohydrates from the food we eat if in excess will be transported and converts into “fatty acids” or fats and store in parts of our body, thus creating lumpy areas especially can be seen in the lower arms, thighs, buttocks, tummy, even our face and increases cellulites.

The challenge of burning these fat cells and keeping them away will always be a tedious affair and to do that, we need to understand how our body works. Energy is release through the consumption of food in our body, converted from the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

Excess fats and carbohydrates that are not been metabolize is store throughout storage areas in our body and this is when excess weight and fats is derived.

Keep fats away with ” L-Carnitine and B5 “

Nutrients like L-Carnitine and Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5) are part of our body’s natural fat burning mechanism.

L-Carnitine, is an amino acid synthesized from essential amino acids, tyrosine and methionine in the kidney and livers. It acts as a transport for “long chain fatty acids” such as glucose, fats carbohydrates and proteins, especially from the inter membrane space of the body storage areas accumulated from the food we eat and converts it into energy.

Dexpanthenol is another essential nutrients requirement for complete food metabolism, thus the production of energy.

It is in the mitochondria where fats and carbohydrates is being converted into energy via a process called “beta-oxidation” with the help of L-Carnitine which is also responsible for improving oxygen utilization and energy production of the heart muscle. It also significantly reduces cellulite concentration in parts of our body, presenting a leaner, trimmer and svelte body.

Besides, acting as a “fat transporter” it needs as well for the removal of products wastes or toxins produced from the mitochondria during energy production, enables them to be eliminated from the body.

L-Carnitine is one of the best nutrients there is for promoting weight loss and concomitantly with Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5) advocates that anyone seeking to loss weight to includes into their daily diet program.

There for, taken together, both L-Carnitine and Dexpanthenol works hand-in-hand for efficient metabolism of food we eat.

L-Carnitine 1g/5ml solution (6 ampoules)
Dexpanthenol 500mg/2ml solution (6 ampoules)
Excipients – panfolactone, parahydroxybenzoate, sodium benzoate acid.

L-Carnitine deficiency, alopecia, nutritional disorder of the nails, dermatological diseases includes burns and head – skin disease, metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, cellulite on the thighs.

L-Carnitine – None known
Dexpanthenol – Hypersensitivity to Vitamin B5

Adverse Reactions
L-Carnitine – Less frequent reporting of mild gastritis, nausea.
Dexpanthenol – Rare reported case of rash.

Dosage and Administrationdults:
Merabolism of fats, carbohydrates and cellulites – Combination of one ampoules each L-Carnitine 1000gm and Dexpanthenol 500mg via intramuscular or intravenous 2 times per week.

Box combination of 6 ampoules (2ml) 500mg Dexpanthenol and 6 ampoules (5ml) 1000 mg L-Carnitine.

In cool dry place and protect from light.

Made in : Italy, Rome

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