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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Biocell H-Ultracell

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Placenta (human and sheep mix)


The Institute of Biological Research of Biocell Ultravital, constant investigator
of cellular treatments, hormonal treatments and enzymotherapy, has dedicated many years to these investigations which have awakened and still awake maximum interest in the scientific spheres. These controversial treatments have unfolded and are consolidating because they have a factor which decides all clinical investigation: its therapeutical efficiency. 

The Institute of Biological Research of Biocell Ultravital shares thesis of prestigious investigation centres of all Europe and the United States on the vital importance of hormones and enzymes in all physiological reactions and how these decide the good or bad systemic functioning. Based on these scientific concepts, the extracts of embrionary tissues of lamb foetus that conform H-Ultracell with the enzymes that make it more easy to assimilate and substantially improve its induction capacity have become richer and with the incorporation of human placenta that originates the formation of live cellular tissue, and lastly, we have included hormonal inductors so specific and vital in the regeneration of the human organism to stop the individuals degeneration, as nowadays ageing is considered more of a disease that advances with time. Anti-ageing vaccine H-Ultracell has the gratifying answer that everybody awaits.


Each vial of H-Ultracell contains 500 mg of lyophilised powder which represents 300 mg of fresh foetus tissue of unborn lamb, with a basis of 200 mg that contains L glutamine, L arginine, L Pyroglutamate, GABA, L glycine, L lysine, L tyrosine, Seleginile hydrochloride, Acetil-l-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, Procaine KH3, essential enzymes, glycine and mannitol. The extraction and tissue processing are done preserving its biological integrity. No additives are employed. The 3 ml solvent contains 150 mg of human placenta and stabilisers, which serve to dilute the lyophilised powder at the moment of applying the injection, intramuscular deep (gluteal). The injection is painless.


During the last 5 years, it has been proven that HUltracell:

* Improves the tone of the skin, stimulates the capillary and nail growth;
* Prevents the ageing of the skin;
* Revitalises the corporal functions and restores the balance of the treated organ;
* Increases stress resistance;
* Improves cardiac performance and renal function, as well as the functions of liver, spleen and other organs which become weaker with age;
* Reduces arterial tension, raises good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL);
* Increases the memory;
* Improves the quality of sleep and tolerance before the problem of allergy;
* Prevents osteoporosis, stimulates and controls in man and women the libidos function; it stimulates the blood vessels and accelerates the recuperation from wounds;
* It is applied with success in cases of anaemia of any origin; it stimulates the growth hormone which transforms the adult male in young male;

In general terms, we can summarise the use of HUltracell in:

a. When there is a sub-function of the endocrine glands, which comprises the subdevelopment of genital organs, menstrual disturbances, infertility,

premature menopause, obesity of glandular origin, diabetes due to advanced age, hypotension, impotency.
b. In cases of premature ageing with loss of vitality.
c. In chronic degenerative diseases which comprise: defective circulation in the members, insufficient cerebral circulation, osteocondrosis, chronic rheumatism.
d. General weakness and predisposition to degenerative diseases.
e. In disorders of the integral development, such as minor forms of mental retardation and cerebral infections.

Recommended Dosage

It is recommend to have a treatment once a year. This way you are in control of the process of aging.

Men and women of 30 to 45 years: One box of Human Ultracell, Antiaging Vaccine (4 vials) within 4 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).

Men and women of 46 to 60 years: Two boxes of Human Ultracell, Antiaging Vaccine (8 vials), within 8 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).

Men and women over 61 years: Three boxes of Human Ultracell, Antiaging Vaccine (12 vials), within 12 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).

Presentation and Packaging

H Ultracell, Antiaging tratment, comes in a specially box including 4 vials of liophylized JUVENXA (500 ml) and 4 vials of 3 ml each with vegetal fluid. A protective band and the sealed box guarantee the purity and quality of the product. 

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